Writing your local offer

The Children and Families Act 2014 requires local authorities in England to write a Local Offer.

The Local Offer is a document that provides families with disabled children with information about what services are available in their local area. The Government’s guidance on what should be included in the Local Offer, states that local authorities should include information about the provision of habilitation services.

To support local authorities in writing about habilitation in their Local Offer we have produced the following questions for local authorities to address in the Local Offer:

  1. Is habilitation training available in your local area? If no – when are you planning on providing this service? We recommend you contact your local Guide Dogs mobility team to find out whether they can support the delivery of habilitation services in your local area. If yes we have put together the following further questions that would be useful for you to include in your Local Offer:
  2. What does habilitation training in your area cover? Does your habilitation service include the teaching of early movement skills, sensory, spatial and body concepts as well as cane training, route learning and independent living skills?
  3. Who is eligible to access habilitation in your local area? Is your service un-restricted by criteria such as level of sight, type of visual impairment, registration or possession of statement or EHC plan? Is your service available to babies and pre-school children and also to those with complex needs?
  4. Who will do habilitation training? Do you employ a qualified Habilitation Specialist - or a Children's Mobility Instructor who is working towards registration as a Habilitation Specialist with MISE, the professional body?
  5. When can my child access habilitation training? Is your service available to children and young people in home, school and community settings and during school holidays?
  6. How can families with a child who has a visual impairment access a habilitation assessment? Do children and young people with vision impairment in your area receive habilitation assessments as a matter of course at key stages, such as when transferring between schools or settings?

Ideally we would like all habilitation services to be developed to meet the Quality Standards: Delivery of Habilitation Training (Mobility and Independent Living Skills) for Children and Young People with Visual Impairment. For more information about how Blind Children UK can support the delivery of habilitation services in your local area please contact your local Guide Dogs mobility team.

What's on offer?

Read the What's on offer report to find out about the quality of information in Local Offer, as of 31 October 2014.